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What Does Your Launch And Recovery System Do During Oceanographic Surveys?

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The Launch And Recovery System for your ROV, CTD array, or oceanographic survey gear must be installed on your boat to ensure that you have the capacity to pull everything you are using, to track those devices, and to pull them back to the boat when the survey is over. Specialized gear can be created for your survey, and you can have all these items attached to your boat when the vessel is ready to leave the dock. Consider all the items listed below when you are looking for a plan to outfit your boat.

What Is Launch And Recovery?

The launch and recovery setup on your vessel must have a winch and a place to lower all your gear or vehicles into the water. You might prefer to use something that sits up high and hangs off the side of the boat not unlike the lifeboats on a large cruise ship. The winch that you use is attached to your vessels or arrays for the duration of your studies, and you can pull them back without any trouble.

Launch and recovery can be created to match the size of the equipment or vehicle, and you could have a custom rig built that will easily help you manage the crafts that are going into the water. You might want to have an umbilical winch built for you, and you could have a cable with electrical capacity that will help transmit the information that comes from your array back to the boat.

You also need a launch and recovery system that will help you lower your sensors or vehicles into the sea. Most people who have an array like this will find that they can come to any part of the sea, use any device in the water regardless of size, and return that device to the boat without any trouble.

How Do You Collect Measurements And Data?

Measurements and data are most often collected by the CTD & Sonar Winch. The CTD is a special array that is attached to a large metal frame. Your instruments are fitted to the device in different locations so that they do not interfere with each other, and their cables come up the umbilical winch back to the boat. The winch is strong enough to pull back the CTD array, the acoustic sonar arrays you are using, and any similar equipment that is attached to your umbilical winch cable.

How Do You Order Your Equipment?

You can order your equipment at any time for rent or purchase. You can buy the standard equipment, or you could rent the equipment if you are not going on a long excursion. You could rent the most basic items, or you could have the most important items custom-made for your vessel. You can mix and match gear as much as you want, and you can set up an order that will be delivered to the vessel when the time is right. It is smart for you to request this gear far in advance, and you should be certain that you have ordered on a payment plan that is appropriate for your budget.

Launch and recovery can be ordered at any time, and you can build a rig that will ensure you collect the proper amount of data. You can run your data on a cable from your vessel, up to your umbilical winch, and back to the topside vessel. Very strong scientific equipment can be mounted to an array that you like, and you can pull them along as far as you want so that you can collect data, capture ocean pressures, and sea temperatures.

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